Cadbury has been celebrating 80 years of sharing the joy in SA

by | Sep 17, 2018

It’s Cadbury’s 80th birthday and they’re planning on sharing the joy with all South Africans. South Africa’s most loved chocolate brand is celebrating this milestone by launching 8 heritage packs. These packs will show some of the various Cadbury Milk Designs throughout its history in SA. Instead of receiving gifts for their birthday, in true Cadbury style, the brand will be sharing the joy with the launch of their remarkable regifts campaign. Customers will stand the chance to walk away with an exciting gift between 4 – 30 September. To put your name down for a gift visit


It’s a Sher thing was exposed to this wonderful and well thought-out campaign from the morning of the media launch. The morning started out with twitter abuzz over a purple truck triving trough Sandton, filled to the brim with gifts. In true South African style, meme’s were formed with captions saying ‘bae better roll up to my house on my Birthday like this’.


The media event was hosted at Sally Mustang in Kramerville and instead of waiters walking around with snacks, you could go up to a food truck and ordear a meal that tickled your fancy. Some of the options were sushi and nachos, did I mention that they also had designer G&T’s! Fun was had, now back to the joy of the Cadbury story.

Marvelous Creations

Fun Facts about Cadbury’s?

  • Cadbury arrived in SA in 1903 when it was brought here by Cadbury brothers Richard and George
  • The first manufacturing plant was created in 1930 to keep up with SA’s demand for this delectable treat
  • Their first plant was in Port Elizabeth
  • The first slabs produced were Milk, Nut Milk, Milk Fruit, Nut Brazil, Fruit & Nut and Bournville
  • In the 1950’s SA started producing Flake
  • The 1960’s saw SA start producing Crunchie (it goes cruuuunch in your mouth) and Lunch Bar
  • In the 1970’s SA started producing chomp (it’s a monster chew)
  • The 1980’s saw SA start producing Snacker and Tempo
  • In the 1990’s SA started producing Astro’s and P.S.
  • 2005 saw the introduction of Tumbles
  • 2012 saw my personal favourite, Bubbly
  • 2015 introduced us to Marvellous Creations
  • 2016 invited us to enjoy 5Star
  • 2017 launched the creation of Bubbly Oreo

5 Star

Cadbury has also launched some of South Africa’s most iconic TV advertisements. The Chomp hippo remains a childhood favourite, as does the Lunch Bar’s ‘Makhantini from Maritzborough’ with ‘Oviaas’ becoming a 21st century catchphrase from Lunch Bar. Let’s not forget the Gorilla TV commercial where our favourite primate smashed his way through Phil Collins ‘In the air tonight’ single. The irrepressible Joy of the Cadbury Dairy Milk Triplets commercial warmed the hearts of South Africans, this was just before the launch of the Martians campaign, celebrating the best of Cadbury bars with dairy milk slabs with four limited edition variants.


What’s your favourite Cadbury memory?

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I’m just a girl who loves new beauty products, alternating between being a blonde and a brunette, travel tips, parenting hacks, eating out, and having fun!


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