#WalkItOff with Tomy Takkies

Trevor Gumbi

Tomy Takkies recently invited it’s a Sher thing to attend the launch of their #WalkItOff campaign. Let’s face it guys, the economy is in a recession, crime is on the rise and your boss is probably a jerk, there’s nothing we can really do about any of this other than just walk it off. South Africans are known for our great sense of humour, so this was a great local tie in to the campaign.

The evening started off with some ‘make-you-smile’ one liners…


Bae blue ticked you…. Walk it off…. This was used as a creative ice breaker to get us to buy into the campaign from an emotional point of view.


Trevor Gumbi was our charismatic host for the evening. He entertained us with some hot one liners and even called me out of the crowd, BY NAME! I mean, I’m not saying Trevor reads my blog…. But I think he might! The event was held at the Goliath Comedy Club in Melrose Arch, and a range of Joburg’s most entertaining comedians showed each other flames in the roast battle. Some of them even fired a few shots at Trevor. One that I can remember is ‘Let me not stand too close to Trevor, Divorce might be contagious’. LOL! The winning comedian then gave the runner up, a pair of Tomy Takkies and told him to walk it off. A very clever way of landing the campaign messaging.


According to John Harman, CEO of Bata Shoes South Africa, it’s time for South Africans to stop taking themselves so seriously. “It’s easy to feel down about the state of things, there are so many opportunities to find the humour in all situations – to laugh at ourselves and each other – and to learn to just walk it off.”

Tomy has seriously upped their game with a cool new range of sneaks to suit any street style, self-expression or fashion sensibility. And with this new persona, Tomy challenges you to be cheeky, check yourself and step up your sense of humour. Personally I really liked their new pink and blue range and their slip on grey range. These are sneakers I would wear on the regular.

Most of us can talk the talk, but can you Walk It Off? Grab a pair of Tomy kicks and get going.


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