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it’s a Sher thing is passionate about keeping our readers up to date with the latest innovations, products in the market and experiences in the beauty and lifestyle territory. Another new product on the market is a scent from Elizabeth Arden, called Green Tea Fig. It sounds delicious, like a fruit infused tea that I need to try out.  I haven’t reviewed this product myself, but the packaging is beautiful. Read more about this product below.


Transport yourself to a rustic countryside ambience full of warmth and laughter. It’s like a little holiday scent sensation, every day. Inspired by the fig tree as a symbol of peace and prosperity, Green Tea Fig is the delightful, sweet and simple accent to every look. Top notes of fig and ivy leaves intermingle with citrus nuances to uplift your spirit. Delightful green tea accord and kadota fig place you in a carefree atmosphere; allowing you to leave all of your troubles behind with comforting finishing touches of musk and clary Sage.


“Just like some Japanese rituals include adding just a tad of ume sugar plum puree to the inside of a tea cup, I imagined nibbling on juicy, nectar filled figs while savoring a warm, fragrant cup of tea… all of it happening under the enveloping branches of a fig tree!”  – Rodrigo Flores-Roux, Vice President Perfumery, Givaudan


The Fragrance:

Delightful. Sweet. Simple.


The Sparkle:       Italian Bergamont Orpur®, Cedrat, Clementine, Fig Leaves, Ivy Leaves, Vapors Accord

The Laughter:    Green Tea Accord, Kadota Fig, Violet Leaf, Tamarind, Pistachio Tree Resin

The Warmth:     Tonka Bean Venezuela Opur®, Musk, Clary Sage




Inspired by the lusciously sweet fig fruit, textured figs adorn a slender carton with vibrant purples and a pop of green.



Eau de Toilette Spray                                     R445.00 (100 ml)



Availability: 20 August 2018 at selected department stores and pharmacies.



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