The recipe for the perfect selfie!


How would the world know that you were at Naked Café, a Sweat 1000 class or that our company flew us business class if you didn’t have selfies and Instagram posts to document your every move?  Let’s face it, we live in a digital world and image is everything. We’ve all been there, feeling a little bored and alone, so you post a bomb-ass selfie and next thing you know, guys are talking to themselves in your DM……

People are always asking me, ‘Tam, how do you take such bomb-ass selfies?’.

Well guys these are my 5 tips for taking a bomb-ass selfie…

  1. Lighting is everything.

Let’s be real for a minute, you’re not going to look like amazing in a badly lit room, nah girl. More like pixilated and alone. Facing natural light is always the best! Stand close to a window / sliding door. Direct sunlight can be a little harsh, so it’s all about getting that balance right. If you have to take a pic at night, ask your bestie to shine two cell-phone lights on you so you can shine bright like a diamond. Who needs a filter when you’ve got great lighting?

  1. Know your angles.

Know which angles work best for you and then work them. Just like Bheki Cele would say, stomache in, chest out. You may also want to slightly lift that chin, to avoid that turkey neck look. Tilt your head to the side in a way that feels uncomfortable but looks totally natural and then speak to the camera with your eyes.

  1. Props can make the selfie.

No-one wants to see you home alone, eating pizza on a Saturday night. In order to look intellectual, fun and care free you’ll need to grab a prop, like a book, a cupcake or some glasses. Now… fake a laugh, but not too much as you don’t want to crease your eyeshaddow and wait for your pic to pop onto the popular page. How many likes can you get….

  1. The devil is in the details.

You don’t have to be well dressed in every selfie you take, but hair and makeup, makes the picture. Whether it’s a tinted moisturiser and some highlighter or a full-on face beat, your hair and makeup is what wil make you look like a 1 or a 10 real quick. That and good lighting…. and the right angel of course.

  1. Captions are key.

I’m not talking about an inspirational quote under a picture of you in a bikini. That is so 2016 guys. Rhetorical questions are great for engaging with your followers and so are short, catchy phrases.

Now that you have the recipe for the perfect selfie, get out there and get those likes!


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