Cadbury has found a new way to bring joy to chocoholics

Cadbury has gone and done it again, making chocoholics all over the word feel intrigued with new product launches and feeling full of joy with the new taste sensations.

There are four limited edition slabs that you can expect to see on shelf this winter:

  1. Crunchie: This slab of chocolate is a chunky slab of delicious honeycomb that’s been smothered in thick milk chocolate, that shatters into mouth-watering crunchy pieces. For that taste that goes crrrrrunch in your mouth!
  2. P.S: I’m not a fan of caramel and white chocolate, although Dr bae is. He says this is his new favourite slab. He’s actually a little obsessed with it.
  3. Astro’s: This slab is simple, yet delicious. It’s plain milk chocolate, with colourful, fun-to-eat, candy and chocolate coated biscuit bites in it. It’s out of this world!
  4. Last but not least is the 5 star slab. I haven’t been able to get my hands on this slab yet, so I’m not sure what it tastes like in a slab version. However, if it’s single bar cousin is anything to go by, it’s the best of 5 worlds all mixed together.

Purchase any of the participating Cadbury slabs until 31 August 2018 at retail stores countrywide.

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