Viva La Juicy Soiree!

This celebrated scent has held a coveted spot on the vanities of fashionable Viva Girls ever since its recent launch. While the original remains an enduring favourite in the Juicy Couture fragrance portfolio, the new fragrance is created with the same essential DNA, interwoven with an exhilarating sense of unbounded liberation and mystery.


Unmask the latest captivating scent from Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Soiree. This scent reminds me of an over-the-top Manhattan party that Blaire Waldorf would host in an episode of gossip girl. This is the perfect fragrance for Queen Bee. Gather the masks, gather the girls and let the celebrations begin.


Not only does this scent come in a beautiful bottle but it dazzles with bright and fruity top notes that settle like a colourful dusting of confetti atop a well-balanced combination of floral mid notes and warm base notes, both exotic and playful. The pink kiwi is a distinctive note that magnifies the magic of the overall composition. It’s a playful, sophisticated, linger longer scent.



The bottle has pink and magenta paint splatters on it for a pop of colour and femininity, encircled by a translucent pink bow. The gemstone cap and regal gold detailing speak to the glamour that the Viva La Juicy brand is known for. Two festive charms – a mask and a streamer are the finishing touches that bring the Viva La Juicy Soiree to life. The mesmerising holographic effect on the outer carton hints at the extravagant party waiting to be discovered within.


This scent is beautiful, it makes me feel like I’m ready for a night-out on the town, while still feeling super-feminine. I really enjoy it and can’t wait to wear it out tonight.


The 100ml bottle retails for R 1 280,00

The 50ml bottle retails for R 955,00


Have you tried this sensational scent? Let us know your thoughts by using the hashtag #SoireeUnmasked


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