Adulting is hard, I want to be a kid again!


Remember binge watching Disney movies (The Lion King, Aladdin, Pocahontis), eating coco-pops, toasted cheese & tomato sarmies, drinking oros, waking up early to watch K-TV, rushing home from school on a Wednesday to watch Goosebumps, playing hide and seek, being amazed when your dad ‘stole’ your nose, getting party packs after your best friends’ party? Let’s not forget putting your baby teeth under your pillow for the tooth fairy and leaving carrots out for the Easter bunny!


Aaah, to be a kid again! Seems like when I was little, I lived in an imaginary world! Today I would be a princess, tomorrow a teacher teaching my dolls how to read. On the weekend I was a baker putting icing on marie-biscuits. Other times, I was a mommy who carried my doll all over the house. The world was my oyster, and nothing was off limits!


I didn’t have a care in the world. My eyebrows being on fleek wasn’t as much of a concern as it is now, LOL. It was a much simpler time. One of my favourite childhood holidays was driving down to Cape Vidal to go camping on the beach. The turtles came up onto the beach to lay their eggs, there was so much wildlife around us – monkeys, duikers, springbok, lizards. It was unreal. We braaied every night, made shell necklaces from the shells we collected on the beach, let the sun kiss us until we turned golden brown and walked with our toes in the salty sea. Those were the best days. I didn’t worry about how I looked in a bikini – I was just me and my sisters were my best friends (at least that hasn’t changed). Reminiscing on these memories reminds me that adulting is hard and I just want to be a kid again.

Playing eye-spy with my little eye, counting the number of punch buggies and adding up the numbers in the number plates that passed us were some of our favourite holiday games to play. Not to mention the fishing nets we would get to try catch little fish. Or the bucket and spade we would use to build sand castles with. These are some of my best childhood memories. Wow, my parents are rock stars!

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What you can expect to experience in Zanzibar:


Zanzibar is fast becoming a popular island holiday destination, as more South Africans opt to take a short left. With some of the amazing deals on at the moment, it’s easy to see why Zanzibar is a destination of choice for an island getaway. Think warm water, cold coconuts and golden beaches. You can do some water sports, go snorkelling to see the coral, and fish or relax on the beach and work on getting your glow on.


Some of the highly recommended activities to do in Zanzibar; are to enjoy a romantic seafood dinner on the beach, go on a spice tour, enjoy their local markets and to walk the cobble streets of Stonetown. Just thinking about it is making me excited. I’m thinking I should just book some flights to Zanzibar for Dr Bae and myself asap!


In conclusion, have you been to Zanzibar before?


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This post was written in collaboration with TravelStart
Photo by Vicko Mozara on Unsplash
Photo by Sean O. on Unsplash



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