Reconnecting Through Romance

Tracy - Romance and Intimacy coach

In a world of Kim Kardashian 72h marraiges and instant gratification, relationships aren’t surving as long as they used to. Couples are forgetting how to connect, how to channel their stress and how to keep the spark alive.


I know I’m guilty of that. It’s so easy to work a long day, cook and then open up your laptop to carry on working. Before you know it you’ve been doing this for weeks on end and you’re stuck in a rut. I recently met with intimacy and relationship coach Tracy Ziman Jacobs, she’s committed to saving relationships. I mean it’s 2018, we could all use a little help connecting with ourselves and our partners.


A little bit more about Tracy – she is a counsellor who works as an intimacy and relationship coach within her consultancy, Totally Me. She’s passionate about helping couples who want to go beyond their current intimacy level and rekindle the passion they once had for each other and for themselves.


No one gets married assuming the relationship will end in divorce. Romance is key to the marriage-altering work Tracy does with her clients. “I want to save marriages,” she explains, it’s vital to look at what is lacking and go back to the basic needs of the relationship. “Look at all those characteristics that drew you to your mate and created that chemistry,” says Tracy, who suggests it is possible to have an affair with your existing partner rather than look outside the marriage for the intimacy and fulfillment you crave. “What’s in an affair? Rather bring it back inside your marriage,” she states. Doesn’t this sound like fun, I think I’ll flirt with and try pick up Dr. Bae at a bar this weekend!


Tracy’s skills include individual and couple’s counselling, group and family therapy, trauma counselling, employee assistance programs, divorce mediation and pre-marriage counselling. Tracy works with marriages at any stage, with couples as well as single people in need of intimacy counselling. Tracy’s counselling work is about rekindling romance for a renewed intimate relationship.


“You’ve just got to do it to understand it,” says Tracy of her sessions. “Do the work and then you’ll understand it.” The benefits are numerous: “When you’re in synergy with the one you love, you are in a good space and you will find that you’ll sleep better, work better, and are more productive.  Connecting with your partner and being in a good space is wonderful for everyone all round.”


For more information or to book your session with Tracy please see her website below.



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