This one’s for you mom

Mom and me

Moms, they do EVERYTHING for us. They know the ‘hungry’ cry when we are babies, they know the ‘I need a hug cry’ when we are teenagers and they know the ‘I need a pep talk’ cry when we are young adults. Mother’s Day comes and goes, don’t wait for that one day of the year to spoil your mom and tell her how much she means to you. This post is for you mom, I love you, I acknowledge you and I salute you. I am who I am because I was raised by a strong, confident, force-to-be-reckoned-with mother.

Thank you for everything that you do for me. Thank you for teaching me how to read, buying us bunnies? (and cats, dogs, hamsters, and silkworms) when we were little. Thank you for pushing me to do ballet, gymnastics, netball, swimming and tennis even though I was useless at them all. I was always the last to be picked for the sports team – your reply would always be, ‘don’t worry I wasn’t very good at that either’. Thanks for supporting me when I wanted to play chess instead of modern dancing and for supporting me when I joined the choir, even though I was tone deaf and encouraging me to join the debating team – I was always different to the other kids, but you treated me like I was perfect- Always.

Mom and me

Thank you for always giving me the best packed lunch when we went on field trips, driving me to modeling competitions in Rustenburg, and trying all the food fails I made when I was learning how to cook (you guys still tease me about that Mac ‘n cheese)?


Thank you for always keeping me going and reminding me that tough times don’t last and promising me that things would feel better in the morning. You’ve been my rock through breakups, career changes, my studies, friends who have come and gone and through those tough days in life in general. You always give the best advice and have such calming words when things turn on their head.


‘He left me mom, he doesn’t love me anymore, I wasn’t enough and I’m broken’ – your response when I told you this, it’s about damn time, you had outgrown him years ago. Now you can finally grow into your full potential. I promise you, you will be happy again and you will fall in love again and it will be magical and you were too hot for him anyway  thank you for always pushing me to go for the good guy with potential rather than the hot guy. Your advice is always hilarious, and true.


‘Mom, after x years at the company I resigned today. They gave me a typex box, watched as I packed up my desk and escorted me out of the building. I was humiliated’- your reply this is the biggest blessing. You complained about them every day but were too scared to leave. Scared of the unknown, now you can move on to something bigger and better. This is a good thing, embrace it. You’ve always taught me that life is short and if I’m unhappy at a company I owe it to myself to move on. As you’ll never grow if you allow them to break your spirit.


‘Mom, my boss said this to me to today’ – well I didn’t raise you up for another woman to come and break you down. Forget that girl, you won’t even remember her once you leave that place. Remember that.

Mom and me

‘It’s too hard studying and working I’m going to give up, I want a social life’ – a social life? So you can party with people celebrating like they’ve achieved something when they haven’t? You’re already in pain, push through it. If you give up now then all the work you’ve put in before is lost. If it was easy everyone would do it. You’re beautiful but you’re also so much more.


Remember all these convos mom….


Thank you for teaching me that another persons opinion of me is non of my business, all that matters is what I think of myself.


Thank you for pushing me to be independent, in the way I think, act and behave. You’ve taught me to believe in myself and on the days when I’m feeling down, to fake it until I make it. You’ve taught me that if I can help someone I must, and I must expect nothing in return.


You’ve taught me that whenever I’m in a team I need to do more than what is asked of me, to stay late and help others and to keep pushing out of my comfort zone. That is the only way to succeed.


Thank you for always believing in me. There’s nothing I want more than to make you proud.


Thank you for giving me two sisters, to bully, to give life lessons to and to make me tea and listen to my pointless dramas. One always takes my side and one always tells me why it was my fault. So I know who to go to when I’m looking for a certain answer. Rachel and Laura are my biggest blessings. Thank you for teaching me that friends come and go, but sisters are forever so we should be best friends, supporters and confidants.


I love you, Mom. Thank you for liking all my Facebook posts and sharing all my work posts and asking people to go like articles and blog posts that I’ve written. You’re the best. I know I get busy sometimes and don’t always give you the love and attention and recognition that you deserve, but you are appreciated and I do love you. I wouldn’t be who and where I am today without you.


I love you, I want to be just like you and I appreciate you.


Once a year, on one day only we go all out to spoil our moms on Mother’s Day. Why not make your mom feel special by spoiling her with a surprise the whole year round. Finding the perfect gift is difficult enough, so we’ve put together a few spoils that will  make your mom feel appreciated and adored.


Leave a comment and tell us why your mom deserves this prize to the value of R1 200,00 from Bryanston Shopping Centre.

  • Treat her hands and feet with a mani or pedi – Sorbet | Bryanston Shopping Centre.

  • Handmade art, antiques, curios & gifts – Handmade by Bev | Benmore Shopping Centre.

  • Something unique and elegant to decorate her space at home – Biggie Best | Bryanston Shopping Centre.

  • Handmade bath & body products and handcrafted using natural ingredients with African origins – Rain | Bryanston Shopping Centre.

  • Enhance her beauty with health beneficial beauty products | LCN


Competition ends Sunday, 3 June at 12h00. Only available to entrants who live in Johannesburg, transport to and from Bryanston Shopping Centre is at your own cost. This prize is non-transferable and not transferable for cash.


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  1. Carryn P

    My lovely Mom deserves this prize because she turned a youthful 70 this month! There is truth in the saying that you don’t retire, you refire because my Mom has done just that! She was widowed 3 years ago and has since thrown herself selflessly into volunteer work for charities, making a difference in other people’s lives every day ?❤

  2. Luronne Cachia

    My mom is so passionate about her family. She stands behind all of us solidly. She worked her but off to get my step brother through college and helped him buy his first car, being at my hockey and cheerleading comps and never having any doubt that we won’t succeed. She has been my number one fan since day one and backed me and picked me up on numerous occasions. She has been there through the tears and the laughs and deserves a little TLC herself. I would love to treat her to this because I can’t give her the world❤️ love you mom x

  3. Tharishia Ebrahim

    I love that my mom, Salochana Naidoo always has my back, by always watching out for me and my son. She wakes up for him at night so I can get a full night sleep for work. And she’s always ensuring I don’t strain my back by lifting anything heavy as I have a spinal problem, even though she has a spinal problem herself. She really deserves this good spoil from Bryanston Shopping Centre?

  4. kassandra bindeman

    I love how kind, gentle and warm hearted my mom is. She is Selfless and puts the needs of others above her own goes above and beyond for the ones she loves. She has taught me the value of true friendship, being humble and being a giver. My mom is truly an angel placed on earth.

  5. Taryn Botha

    I’m going to enter for my mom in law, who has been an incredible mom to me. She is so strong for everyone else and is the most amazing granny. She really deserves a spoil after she lost her own mom last week, after caring for her for a long time.

  6. Mira naidu

    Mum’s are the best. I think I only truly understood that when I became one. The pain, the sacrifices she endured to ensure we were always happy. Even now that I’m married and in my own home, when she visits she spoils me with her delicious cooking and tries to help in any way to make my life easier. No one can replace my mummy, she is a workaholic of note and deserves a pampering which I would love to treat her to at Bryanston shopping Centre?

  7. Pravina Walabh

    My Mom deserves this because through every tear, every joyful experience, my Mom has been the anchor of my life.? Non-judgemental and understanding, she inspires me to see the best in others and life.? She inpires me with the hope to face tomorrow with a lifetime friend who’s always been there for me.

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