2018 is my year and this is how Organic Emporium is helping me eat clean


Last year was the year I launched it’s a Sher thing and focused on myself. I figured out what I wanted out of this life and started planning how I would get there. Now 2018 is all about being my best self and living with purpose. Part of that journey is to be fitter and healthier. I’m struggling with the fitness, climbing Lion’s head last week really kicked my bum. So I’m focusing on healthier life choices, mentally, emotionally and physically. As part of my journey I walked into The Organic Emporium at my local shopping centre, the Bryanston Shopping Centre to see what they had to offer.


I love what they stand for;

  • Empowering the consumer with information
  • Bridging the gap between farmer and consumer
  • Making an organic lifestyle easily accessible and affordable
  • Supporting the growth of non-commercial organic growers in SA

So, while you’re giving your body the best that nature has to offer, you’re also supporting local farmers in SA.


What I bought on my shop at the Organic Emporium:


chocolate and granola


  • Activated Granola Snack: This fruity granola snack is available in a convenient 30g pack. Oats, activated buckwheat mixed with cranberries, gooseberries and raisins, add sweetness and a vitamin C boost. This cereal tastes great on its own, or with a drizzle of your favourite nut milk. The handy snack-sized pack makes it ideal for munching on the go, so eating right is easy even on your busiest days. R21,00


  • Ceviche salt: Ceviche Salt is inspired by the popular Ceviche dish from Chile & Peru areas. The bold Cumin flavour bursts through as the star of this seasoning and makes it perfect for any raw foods such as fish, raw veggies, potato salads and meat. R72,00


  • Pomodoro canned tomatoes: These tomaotoes were flavoursome and delicious, I used them to make a napoleta sauce with the organic millet and brown rice noodles. The dish was scrumptious and delicious. R21,00


  • Organic corn chips: Santa Anna’s Organic Corn Chips are hand cut from their delicious tortillas, and fried in de-flavoured coconut oil – boasting what they like to call “the healthiest chip on the planet”. recommendations for this snack are to be eaten on the go, or  with some salsa and  guacamole, yum! Available in either 80g or 250g bags, the blended natural flavours and sustainable source make Santa Anna’s Organic Corn Chips a tasty snack that will leave your belly full and guilt free R48,00 for 250g


  • Jozi nut butters, cinnamon maple almond butter: This peanut butter is sweet, nutty and delicious, the most amazing mid-afternoon treat, served on rice cakes or toast. R127,00



  • 27% Milk Afrikoa chocolate: Fans of fudge, caramel, burnt butter and toasted hazelnuts will love this creamy milk chocolate which is made with premium full cream milk powder and just the right amount of sweetness. This chocolate was a lovely little guilt free pleasure. R44,00


  • Eat ting cook book: Mpho Tshukudu and Anna Trapido offer healthy eating solutions based on traditional southern African food, and modern versions of time honoured favourites. From gluten-free sorghum flapjacks to salads featuring low-GI, ancient grains, this book is all about great-tasting South African superfoods. R330,00


  • Organic millet&brown rice noodles: Hearty and satisfying,  Organic Brown Rice & Millet Noodles are a full-flavored, wholegrain kitchen staple. Millet is a highly nutritious grain and considered to be one of the least allergenic grains available. It also delivers significantly rich in levels of protein, fiber, and B complex vitamins. Wheat and gluten free, Millet and Brown Rice Noodles are delectable when served with stir-fried vegetables or protein, seasoned lightly with chili and ginger. Alternatively, use for a fantastic spaghetti dish. I used it with some organic lean mince and pomodori canned tomatoes. It was unreal. R88,00


  • Vanilla bean cookie bites: Enjoy the sweet creaminess of real vanilla, with these moreish anytime treats. The Vanilla Bean Cookie Bites are handmade with nut butters and raw honey. The recipe doesn’t use any preservatives, colouring or synthetic flavouring. R58,00


You’ll feel the difference when you start putting unprocessed, organic ingredients into your body! Tag me in your next shop at the Organic Emporium, I’d love to know what you bought!


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