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The Storer

The Storer launched their first ever store at 44 Stanley last week.

Lisa is the owner of The Storer and her love for beautiful objects sourced from sustainable crafters is what inspires her to do what she does. The storer has a  desire to connect you with others that seek out a slow and meaningful life. To join you with a community that appreciates artistry and sharing.

The community store ignited in the owners the yearning to create a similar space. Where you can hear stories of where the product comes from, and who it was made by. And so, The Storer was born. Lisa links artisans with buyers through the stories their wares tell. Doing so, the rare and beautiful finds at the Storer share the history of their communities with the communities who appreciate exceptional craftsmanship. “The Storer is a retail exhibition space with a lot of soul,” explains Lisa.

Lisa saw a great possibility for providing products to those who were longing to connect to something with meaning. And so she started traveling to see if what she desired was out there. “I was totally humbled to see what I call ‘soul’ products –that aren’t mass produced,” she says. “These are small-run items, they evoke a lot of emotion and come with a lot of history. They felt more real to me.” Lisa goes on to explain that the beauty of raw and authentic creativity is what’s so desirable in human beings. Connecting others through the Storer is such an important and honest concept.



“We want people to come in, feel a certain way and then come back and made a considered choice.” “Clients need to be aware of what they’re buying. It’s the opposite of compulsive purchasing culture in which we live in today. Think of the Storer as a slower experience.”

This slower experience gives clients all the time they need to take in the full multi-sensory detail of the the Storer. A visual feast, the space is rich with beautiful and sustainable objects that echo the ethos of the company; authentic, connected and considered. “We have a full lifestyle offering that incorporates  scented candles, body oils and soaps that are animal friendly,” says Lisa. The garments Lisa sources aren’t trend-based, but rather classic pieces and all made from natural fibres, “like a beautiful, white linen shirt,” she explains. You’ll also find statement pieces to mix with basics, as well as luxurious lounge-wear items like traditional Moroccan house slippers.  “One-off pieces like rugs and cushions have been sourced from international destinations and are highlights at the Storer because they are bespoke or small-run,” says Lisa.


Natural material tableware, ceramics, recycled glass pieces are also exciting finds as well the company’s vintage buys.

Lisa Storer

The Storer, a mystical traveller, who scours the globe collecting objects of interest and beauty. Our possessions, that which we gather throughout our lives, become reflections of who we are, how we live and the choices we make. They tell our stories just as the little community store tells the stories of its community and history. The Storer is within each of us, and it is the fibre that draws us close and unites our tribe. This mystical traveller beckons us to explore our values and authenticity through the worlds’ neglected crafts and objects. They encourage their community to share stories, heritage, lifestyle, and honest living. Nature reminds us that everything changes, and that doesn’t mean it should be uprooted from that which nurtures and grounds it.

We want to create a beautiful environment where we are all conscious, furnished by  The Storer.

To find out more about the Storer and what they offer, you can visit them here


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  1. annette

    Loove what i see..will def come by !!

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