Easter is coming….

Hot cross buns

Do you prefer chocolate or traditional hot cross buns?

On a recent monthly shop at Pick ‘n Pay I noticed that they now stock chocolate AND traditional hot cross buns. I’ve honestly never seen the chocolate one’s before. For a chocoholic like me, this is a criminal offense. Do you like spices and raisins or chocolate hot cross buns? There are so many ways to eat them and they’re the perfect, tasty little snack to serve your family and friends when they’re all over for the Easter long weekend. These hot cross buns are the perfect tea-time snack and can be served savory or sweet.


It’s a Sher thing received comment from Bontu Mulaudzi, who is the brand manager of Albany Bakeries and this is what she had to say  “This Easter season, we’re “D’lighted” to offer delicious hot cross buns that suit everyone, and Albany is proud to be dishing up buns to consumers for the first time. We realised that not everyone loves the traditional flavours of raisins and spices, and so we launched a chocolate variety to ensure everyone gets to enjoy this wonderful Easter treat.”

I’ll certainly be trying the chocolate hot cross buns this Easter, I’ll most likely smother them in Nutella.


If you’re a little more adult than me and your diet doesn’t look like that of an unsupervised toddler, then please take inspiration from these sensational serving ideas:

  1. Toast with butter and drizzle with honey
  2. Top with cheese and jam
  3. Spread with peanut butter and jam (or Nutella)
  4. Spread with marmalade and Mascarpone
  5. Create cheesecake buns with cream cheese and berries (I kinda feel like I NEED to try this one)
  6. Spread marshmallow fluff onto toasted buns to create instant “Smores”
  7. Create an ice cream sandwich with two toasted sides and your favourite flavoured ice cream
  8. Slice hot cross buns, and butter on each. Spread chocolate on the unbuttered side, sandwich together, and fry the toasties for a few minutes until gooey
  9. Use hot cross buns instead of bread for French toast
  10. Dip into caramel sauce

Please feel free to tag me in your hot cross bun images this festive season. I would love to see how you enjoy yours!

Albany D’Light Hot Cross Buns are available in packs of six at a recommended retail price of R19.99.

They’re available on shelf until the first week of May.


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