Limited edition daily energizer lovely lip balm

Clarins Lip Balm

Do you guys like peaches and sneaky kisses? I bet everybody does. That’s what Summer is all about after all isn’t it. Clarins has just released their Limited Edition Lovely Lip Balm, it’s a nourishing lip treat that will leave your lips smelling sweet like peaches and they will be completely irresistible.

Kiss Kiss

Clarins’ Lovely lip balm seduces you in four steps:

  • The first one is the packaging; the pink lips with the word kiss on the tube is not only super cute, but also eco-friendly. Whoop Whoop! By using cardboard as material for the packaging, Clarins is remaining true to its “Responsible Beauty Ethos” which we can respect and appreciate.
  • The second one is the scent; as soon as you open the tube, you can’t help being tempted by the scent of a tutti-fruity, peachy-fresh cocktail. You won’t be able to resist! It’s so delicious.
  • The third, is all about the results; the Lovely Lip Balm nourishes and moistures the lips for up to eight hours. Eight hours! That’s the kind of commitment I need from a lip balm this year. There are three important skin-nourishing ingredients to infuse the lips – Cocoa butter which nourishes and repairs the lip surface and Shea oil which then reinforces its nourishing, repairing and comforting benefits and organic redberry extract, which is an active ingredient with a plumping effect that helps make them look smoother and fuller.
  • Lastly, what colour is it? This lip balm reacts with the PH levels on your lips so that they increase its natural colour. This rosy-like hue gives a totally personalised, natural-looking, “pretty pout” effect, with a subtle shine. This soft-pink, shiny look will make your lips truly irresistible.


Price: R235



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