Tough Glamour with ghd


Easy does it… Tough Glamour at Dion Lee created by Eugene Souleiman

New York Fashion Week saw iconic hair styling brand ghd partner with Dion Lee and Eugene Souleiman to create a sharp and wearable hair style for the brand’s autumn / winter 2018 show.

“There’s an easiness to this collection, but also a toughness. Today’s Dion Lee woman is creative, intelligent and fast living. She moves and acts with haste and I wanted to reflect all of this by crafting hair that is simultaneously sharp, cool and wearable.” – Eugene Souleiman.

Inspired by the Dion Lee collection Eugene Souleiman created two variations on a single look whereby the texture of the hair changed seamlessly from root to the tip. Models were given sharp, clean, deep side-parts which transformed into a looser, more natural form in the mid-lengths and then again into raw, discretely waved ends with movement.

Girls with thicker hair had it scooped into low-slung ponytails, others had it loose and simply tucked behind the ear. In the pre-show lineup Eugene pressed fine fly-aways found on the hairline onto the forehead.

“At first glance this hair is simple, but in reality it’s very nuanced. The deep side part lends sharpness, the wisps a soft rawness.”– Eugene Souleiman  “Mid-lengths and ends are loosely tonged to add natural movement, not to curl. Use ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong to create texture and movement in a really subtle way.” – Eugene Souleiman

Get the look:

1. Create a deep, straight side part on the side of the head that suits best.

2. Spray  Leave In Conditioning Spray close to the hair at the roots so that hair doesn’t look too fresh and clean.

3. Blow dry hair with the ghd Air hairdryer (R1899) to achieve a smooth finish that sits flat to the head.

4. Use the ghd Oval Dressing Brush (R370) to smooth hair back from the hairline and to give a sleek finish around the head.

5. Enhance the hair’s natural texture in the mid-lengths by spraying a Sugar Lift Spray and diffusing it using the ghd Air hairdryer and diffuser.

6. With the ghd Curve Classic Curl Tong (R2399) add the slightest texture and movement through the ends of the hair.

7. A spritz of dry shampoo creates a dusty, dryness to hair tips.

8. Tuck hair being worn down behind the ears, or scoop it up into a low-slung pony. For further information please contact:


To see another look that was created at NYFW see this post here


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