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Thembi Seete

As women we love expressing ourselves, weather it be through the way we look, speak or dress. Our conversations are enhanced by our expressions. Our laughter, tears, frowns and gentle smiles, as part of our life journey.  The beauty of living is in being present for every one of those special moments.

All that full living comes with expression lines. That’s why it is said that expression lines are signs of a life well lived. As women we are  always trying to turn back the hands of time, the experts tell us that prevention is better than cure. Start incorporating an anti-aging regime into your current skincare routine from your mid 20’s to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You’ll still have signs of a life well lived, they will just appear a little later than expected.

The POND’s Institute recently released its latest in anti-ageing technology: NEW POND’s Age Miracle, with Retinol-C Complex; a range that works for 24-hours to help arm today’s modern woman as she continues to embrace her non-stop lifestyle.  It’s a Sher thing was created to help empower the modern business woman and we are all for anti-aging technology!


The POND’s Institute has conducted research and discovered that as women begin to mature, their skin can lose up to 30% of its strength. This reveals itself as dull, sagging and uneven tone in skin. Who has time for that?  Enter the newly formulated POND’s Age Miracle™ range, designed to lift and plump the skin. See the difference within 7 days. That’s the kind of anti-aging technology speed that I need in my life. I want to look younger, brighter and fresher this week!


POND’s revealed actress, radio DJ and singer Thembi Seete as the official brand ambassador and the face of the NEW POND’s Age Miracle™ range! Congratulations Thembi! Furthermore, Thembi was joined by radio and television personality Zuraida Jardine, actress Sonia Mbele, and 5FM DJ Sureshnie Rider support Thembi in this new journey.

“I am beyond honoured to represent the NEW POND’s Age Miracle range. To be associated with a brand that has such a rich and vast heritage in our country, is a dream come true for me,” commented Thembi. “Getting older has many contrasting effects: although the future is uncertain, growing older is the source of strength that helps me face that future. And with NEW POND’s Age Miracle you can be certain that your skin stays as strong as you are. You get better with age, make sure your skin keeps up with you.”


Created with Retinol-C Complex, POND’s Age Miracle delivers double the lifting power and releases powerful anti-ageing actives throughout the day to plump and firm the skin. With this new range, POND’s are introducing their first oil in cream called POND’s Intensive Wrinkle Corrector – a rich cream infused with nourishing silky drops of Marula oil, Argan oil, Rosehip oil, Sweet Almond oil and Jojoba Seed oil to keep skin nourished. How divine does that sound! I can’t wait to try this luxurious product.


“This POND’s first non-stop anti-ageing solution that works within your skin for 24 hours. Retinol-C Complex technology has twice the wrinkle reduction power of a Retinoid, which is used by leading Anti-Ageing players. POND’s Age Miracle penetrates the deepest layer of the epidermis to continuously release anti-ageing active ingredients for 24-hours. Most noteworthy is that it has been proven to reduce skin ageing signs like fine lines and wrinkles within just 7 days of usage. By strengthening skin from the inside, POND’s Age Miracle builds the foundation for the appearance of smooth, firm skin with a youthful radiance on the outside.” Commented Kathleen Mackenzie, Assistant manager RDC Skin Care.

POND’s new proprietary Retinol-C Complex provides the powerful anti-ageing efficacy of Retinol without the side effects. ”To combat skin-ageing aggressors, our new Retinol-C Complex couples the trusted efficacy of Retinol with the boosting effect of Climbazole to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles from the inside and give youthfully radiant skin on the outside,” concluded Kathleen.


The newly reformulated POND’s Age Miracle™ range includes a full range of products. The #Unstoppable woman uses these products to create a self-indulgent regime.

The range includes:

POND’s Age Miracle™ Day Cream SPF 15 NEW (RSP R189.99)

Night Cream NEW (RSP R189.99)

Eye Cream NEW (RSP R189.99)

Wrinkle Correcting Cream NEW (RSP R189.99)

Facial Foam (RSP R132.99)

BB Cream (RSP 185,99)

The new POND’s Age Miracle™ range is now available at all major retailers.

To learn more about new POND’s Age Miracle, visit visit


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