Your tush is worth it!

by | Feb 21, 2018

I was out shopping for bathroom tissue this weekend, as one does, and I noticed a brand that I had never really noticed before. It’s called Dinu. Have you heard of it?  Yip, Dinu is that company that has the little red rose as the logo, on all their products. They make both funky and elegant bathroom tissue, kitchen towel and serviettes. I wanted to take the embarrassment out of buying bathroom tissue and the best way I know how to do that, is by talking about it on my little space on the internet. My first reaction was ‘how do I make toilet paper sexy?’.

That evening, I went out for dinner at a 5-star restaurant to celebrate my other half’s birthday. We had a 5-star experience, this is the kind of restaurant where they bring a hanger for your handbag, a power bank for your cell phone and a blanket for your shoulders. I was loving the whole 5-star experience, it was such a treat! That is until I was two glasses of water down and needed the loo.

I went into their bathrooms, they were decorated with Jo Malone air diffusers and Charlotte Rhys soaps and then I saw it…. ONE PLY toilet paper! If you are going to offer a 5-star experience, please do it holistically. Right down to the toilet paper I wipe my tush with. The audacity to think that I’m now going to use something that feels like a cactus on my nether regions after paying R250 for a steak. Luckily!! I had some tissues in my handbag to avoid this disaster! Of course, I was sure to report this to management and place my recommendation of the type and brand of toilet paper I would prefer them to use going forward. I think this was a first for them.

Dinu has different bathroom tissue collections, one for every 5-star establishment so there’s really no excuse. From the décor collection, to the rose collection, they even have a kids’ collection. You can choose from a selection of colours, styles, and themes. This is a company that really takes your bathroom décor and aesthetics to heart. After all, at the end of the day, in today’s materialistic world, especially being based in Johannesburg, people judge you by the kind of toilet paper you have! Don’t be caught with your pants down. To help you out of this little predicament, Dinu has recently launched a limited-edition pack with their pink rose bathroom tissue with a very South African heritage theme… Halleluiah! This product is dermatologist approved because after all, your tush is worth it!

It’s 2018, the era of the designer from designer babies, to designer fashion, naturally we want designer toilet paper too! Don’t deprive yourself, buy into the movement! Dinu is produced locally by entrepreneurs who create jobs for the South African economy. So, let’s support them and show them love, the way their products show our bums love!

Dinu Toilet Paper


Oh, and did I mention that Dinu Metallic Packs are a first of its kind in the World! You are now able to buy colourful, African-inspired packs of bathroom tissue! The inspiration for this innovative product packaging came from the metallised film bags that contain washing powder and potato chips. The Ndebele Cultural Heritage was the inspiration behind the design of this range.

This article was not sponsored by Dinu, it was written for sh*ts and giggles to try remove the embarrassment of buying bathroom tissue. In all seriousness though, their toilet paper is wonderful.


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I’m just a girl who loves new beauty products, alternating between being a blonde and a brunette, travel tips, parenting hacks, eating out, and having fun!

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I’m just a girl who loves new beauty products, alternating between being a blonde and a brunette, travel tips, parenting hacks, eating out, and having fun!

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  1. Hi Tamryn.

    Thank you for your honest opinion about our newest product. We love that you love it. You’re right, your tush is worth it!

    Universal Paper


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