LUSH’s new Gorilla Perfume

Lush gorilla perfume - I'm home

If you’re a fan of LUSH, you will be familiar with the beautiful, natural scents they create! Now they’ve gone and launched a new range of scents and they are GORGEOUS!!! Mmmmm, smells like success!

LUSH sent me a selection of scented wash cards last year, each card was a different colour and had a different scent. You could then use the wash card in the shower as a hair, face and body wash. This is such a clever concept, I love how on trend and innovative this brand is. Each scent was more delicious than the next, it was so difficult to choose! LUSH asked me to send them my top 3 favourites and then they surprised me with the ‘I’m Home’ scent.

How to describe this scent…. Imagine if you were at home, wrapped in a vanilla blanket, smelling hot chocolate bubbles on the stove, while reminiscing about your favourite childhood memories. That’s how I would best describe this scent. The Gorilla perfume range has a variety of fresh, masculine, cocoa and fruit inspired scents. Each scent tells a story, and is inspired by music, dance, poetry and art.

This is the kind of scent I would wear on a warm summers morning while curled up on the couch with a good book. There really is no place like home, especially after a busy week at the office. It’s a naturally comfortable scent, there’s nothing glamorous and over the top about it. The next time you’re near a LUSH store, pop in and smell their Gorilla perfume range. While you’re there, treat yourself to some coconut oil bath bombs and a jelly face mask too! 2018 is the year of you after all.

These Gorilla perfumes cost R445 for 30ml and R875 for 100ml.

Where did the name Guerrilla Perfume come from?

In 2008, a magazine referred to Lush founder Mark Constantine and his son as ‘guerrilla perfumers’ and the name stuck. In 2010, the first album of Gorilla Perfumes was released to the public.


P.S. the artwork taken with this image is a painting that I bought in a gallery in Bali, 5 years ago. I had just come out of a relationship, it was my first time going overseas and I fell in love with two paintings there that I had to bring home. Art makes you feel a certain way, so I understand why some of the gorilla ranges are inspired by art.


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