It’s time to show your body love with DermaSpa

Dove DermaSpa Uplifted+

Sipping on a cup of hot tea, treating myself to a much needed pedi, meditating, these are all ways in which I show my body love. How do you show your body love?

Dove wants to change women’s  moisturisation routines into a pleasurable ritual. The best skin care comes from dermatological expertise and the most pleasurable experiences come from spa treatments.  Dove DermaSpa Uplifted+ is a treat for your skin, it is dermatologically tested and is therefore suitable for sensitive skin.


The silicone elastometer technology delivers the silky skin-feel of luxurious brands. The collection encompasses luxurious formulas including a roller-ball with gentle massaging action that will leave your skin feeling velvety-soft. For a hint of opulence, the collection has its own subtle scent. The Dove DermaSpa experience promises to turn daily body moisturising into a me-time moment that’s as pleasurable as it is rewarding.


Uplifted+ range*** with Cell-MoisturisersTM provides effective moisture and nourishment** which are key drivers for restoring elasticity and firmness in the skin.  The range includes an innovative roller-ball serum that moisturises to improve firmness and elasticity with its gentle massaging action. It has an exquisite fragrance of dancing water-lillies and cucumber, freshened with green violet leaves combined with sensual sandalwood, Indonesian patchouli and sweet musk.

Uplifted+ Body Lotion:

This smooth, satin gel-feeling lotion gently moisturises, improving skin elasticity and firmness with every use.Uplifted+ Massaging Body


The cool sensation of the satin-like gel revitalises the skin and is reminiscent of a pampering at home massage. The roller ball on the skin helps firm up challenging areas.


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