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2/3 new flavours

Marcels has released 3 new flavours of frozen yoghurt!


2/3 flavours

Remember when you were a child, you would enjoy some pink cotton candy on the beachfront, peanut butter sandwiches and lemon and lime juice for lunch. Life was simpler then, before we had to adult. Marcels is taking us down memory lane with the release of their three latest flavours: Cotton Candy, Lime and Peanut Butter, available in 175ml tubs. Can we just have a moment of silence to appreciate how delicious these 3 flavours sound?

There’s now a flavour for everyone! One that’s creamy, nutty, and dreamy. One that’ll take you back to the best moments of your childhood. And one that’s zesty fresh and totally tasty! There’s a new flavour for everyone this Summer! My personal favourite is the lime.


peanut butter


The flavour breakdown:

The peanut butter frozen yoghurt is every fitness fanatics ideal treat! Made with real peanuts, this flavour has finally arrived to delight your taste buds! It tastes like they’ve mixed sugar free peanut butter with ice-cream! I say ice-cream and not fro yo because you get the sweetness you would get from ice-cream instead of the usual tartness you get from fro yo. It’s so good! It’s the most unreal delicious, creamy, peanut butter, frozen treat. It really tastes like there are real peanuts inside and that is probably because there are.

The cotton candy frozen yoghurt is a whimsical fun fair favourite, with an icy twist! This mouth-watering sweetness will remind you of the pink spun-sugar treat you loved as a child. Although a sweet treat, the flavour is not sickeningly sweet or over powering. It’s a great flavour combination that is sure to get rid of your sugar craving. It’s like a creamy, sweet, pink, frozen treat, it’s so good for those days when you need a little extra ‘treat yo self’ time!

The Lime Frozen Yoghurt flavour contains the zesty freshness of real limes! Part sweet and part sharp, this juicy and refreshing citrus flavour is perfect for revitalising the taste buds on a warm summer’s day. This flavour reminds me of lime sorbet, it’s just the right amount of creamy, sweet and sour and fruity. This flavour is my personal favourite, I’m really enjoying it.

Marcels is giving you more than you bargained for this summer. If you spend R60 or more, you’ll  receive 1 tub free! Ts & Cs apply. Valid until 12 January 2018. Offer applies to any one of the three new 175ml tub flavours advertised.

More about Marcels:

Marcels has been in South Africa for 27 years, and they have 25 outlets across the country.  Each scoop of Marcel’s frozen yoghurt is made from real dairy, infused with live probiotic cultures, is gluten free and contains only natural or nature-identical flavours. They’ve also won a host of awards. They took top honours at the 2015 South African Dairy Championships, claiming the highest accolade as the SA Dairy Champion and making history as the first product outside of the cheese and butter industry to receive this award. To date, they have won over 50 awards at the benchmarking event.

Pricing varies depending on the way in which you receive the flavour. Soft serves are a different price to the tubs. All pricing is available in-store.

This post was not paid for by Marcels.


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