Let’s go undercover

It's Organics

Hi beauties,

I signed up to Beauty Bulletin a while ago and was recently contacted to participate in their under-cover shampoo and conditioner campaign. This was such an exciting product trial because we didn’t know what we were trying out.

We received a box with two black bottles inside, titled Shea butter shampoo and conditioner. We knew nothing about the product, except that it had organic Shea butter in it and that it was good to use on all hair types. It smelled really fresh and it actually smelled oddly familiar, yet nostalgic. something about the smell reminded me of my childhood, so I knew this was a brand that I had used before and I suspected that this was a retail brand, as opposed to a salon brand. Other than that, we had no brand name, packaging, or pricing. We weren’t even sure if it was a retail brand or a salon brand. This forced us to try the range and give an honest review without knowing what we were trying.


After two weeks of washing our hair with this undercover shampoo and conditioner, it was finally time for the BIG REVEAL. I was stunned to find out that #ItsOrganics! Turns out quality care can come at an affordable price! I love the way this product smells and it made my hair feel clean and shiny. I read the reviews on http://www.beautybulletin.com/ 

and the reviews look like the other ladies were loving this product too.

I love the way the product was revealed to us. It came in a black box, with the Organics logo on it, except there was a question mark in the middle of the logo. Inside the box there was a gorgeous Organics branded shampoo, conditioner, soy massage candle and lip ice. What a treat!

Thank you, Beauty Bulletin, and Organics, for this awesome opportunity.

P.S. This post was not paid for by Beauty Bulletin or Organics.




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