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The Lunch Box

As 2018 is drawing closer, this is the perfect opportunity to reassess how you can make some changes to make your life easier. I recently reviewed the lunch box, a local service provider that pre-packs your lunch snacks into daily packets for the month and delivers them to your door at no extra charge.

That’s 10 more minutes that you can spend sleeping in, at the gym, making a smoothing, practicing some mindful moisturisation, whatever it is you would like to do with an extra 10 minutes in the morning. There are different lunch box options available, the adult box, the banting box, the diabetes box, the nut free box and a kid’s box. This is such a great, local initiative and it is so convenient.

The products all have a minimum shelf-life of 4 months. If you choose to go for the once off  option, your box will be delivered within 5 working days. If you go for the monthly option, your box will be delivered within the last week of the month.


What can you expect to receive in your daily box? Treats like date bars, biltong, droewors, dried fruits, tree nut spreads, provita’s, rice and corn snacks, cereal snack bars, popcorn, nuts, seed bars, cookies, and chocolate nougat.

The cost:

  • Adult lunch box: One box packed with 21 bags. Each lunch bag gets 3 packed food products per day from R763
  • Banting lunch box: One box packed with 20 bags. Each bag is packed with a selection of 4 x non-perishable items No drinks are included in the Banting Lunchbox from R826
  • Kids lunch box: One box packed with 21 bags. Each lunch bag gets 3 packed food products plus one beverage each day from R630
  • Nut free lunch box: One box packed with 20 bags and 1 beverage every day. Total of 4 items each day. R830

Pro’s of the Lunch Box:

  • Each bag is numbered 1 -21 and it’s exciting to see what’s in your lunch box every day
  • It is so convenient! You just grab a bag and go in the morning, saving you so much time
  • It works out to be cheaper than buying the snacks individually yourself
  • It is delicious
  • It exposes you to snacks/treats you may not otherwise have tried – I’ll be honest I probably wouldn’t have naturally gone for peanut butter spreads and provita’s, but they are so good
  • It takes the guess work out of buying snacks and it’s all pre-packaged already
  • This is an awesome gift for a busy family member

Cons of the Lunch Box:

  • It can be daunting to pay almost a thousand rand for snacks upfront

How did the lunch box concept start? Michelle is a West Coast surfer girl at heart and, so it was only natural for her to build a career in the surfing industry (16 years). As a single mom of two (until she met her husband, Jaco, in 2012) she knew all about the struggles of being a mother who is trying to juggle a career without compromising on the needs of her children.

When Michelle met Jaco, they suddenly had four children between them every other week and providing endless nutritious meals and snacks for them became a daily challenge. That’s when Jaco’s entrepreneurial spirit kicked in, and he pointed out that surely, I was not the only working mother facing this challenge. And that is how we came up with the idea of The Lunchbox. Genius!

This business has changed Michelle’s life because now she’s running a business that she passionately believes in. It has solved her problem of having healthy school lunches and having in-between snacks on her and ready all the time. She hopes the lunch box is also changing the lives of mothers in the same predicament as her.  Best of all, it allows her to earn a living. She now gets to surf more, feed people and build a career with a lot less mother guilt.


Have you tried the Lunch Box yet?

Check out the Lunch Box’s website for more information and to order yours today!

P.S. This post was not paid for by The Lunch Box but I was sent a one month supply to review.


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