Feel sexy with Kahve this Summer

A few week’s ago I saw a local body scrub taking Instagram by storm. It was all over my explorer page, my friends were using it, bloggers that I look up to and follow were raving about it, it was everywhere! The sleek black packaging, in the chic branded string bag immediately caught my attention. I needed to get my hands on the Kahve body scrub.

Looking after your skin is the greatest anti-ageing prevention there is, so good skincare products are never items to skimp on but rather to invest in. these scrubs are also great gifts as they are beautifully packaged, and everyone loves a little treat that encourages them to show their bodies love.

Kahve Body Scrub was started by two men, Tim Whitehead, and Stuart Black. Trust two men to create a brand for women to swoon over. Kahve is a luxurious brand that consists of two sexy body scrubs that leave you with soft, touchable skin.

This range consists of two scrubs at present, Coconut Matcha and Coffee Cinnamon. Both retail for R280 each for a 225g sachet. P.S. The coconut matcha scrub smells like chocolate mint ice cream and the cinnamon coffee smells like a delicious treat that Starbucks would design for their new instagrammable coffee drink of the month. All  ingredients are eco-friendly and not tested on animals. The ingredients used are all natural but a preservative is added to allow for longer lasting life for the natural ingredients inside.

First up for review is, the Coconut Matcha Scrub

This luxurious scrub encompasses Japanese Matcha that’s combined with virgin coconut oil to enhance radiance and nourish dry skin. It also includes jojoba oils, African melon and sucrose beads. This scrub felt gentle on my skin, it didn’t leave you with that scratchy feeling that you sometimes get after you exfoliate. It gently exfoliates the skin to remove dead skin cells and the coconut oil leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturised afterwards. The perfect pamper party treat! This is the perfect scrub to use before a date, after a long stressful day at the office, or when prepping for your summer baecation.


Next up, is the Coffee Cinnamon Scrub

This scrub is sure to wake you up and leave you feeling like a little energised cinnabon! There’s loads of coffee and cinnamon in this scrub. Yummm! The coffee helps reduce the appearance of cellulite, its filled with lots of antioxidants like vitamin C, helianthus seed oil and jojoba oil which are all great for giving your skin a healthy glow, the avocado oil and borage oil leave the skin feeling soft and moisturised. I would recommend using this scrub in the morning, after a Pilates session to live your best life.

The scrubs are also easy to use. I applied mine to damp skin and massaged it in gently, I left it on for about 2-5 minutes and then rinsed it off. Revealing soft, kissable, glowing skin!


Why should you includ a body scrub into your skincare regime?

  1. It’s 2017, almost 2018 we live in stressful times, treat yourself!
  2. It helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite, I’m keen like a jelly bean!
  3. It helps prep your skin for an even looking self-tan
  4. When old skin cells pile up on the surface of your skin, your skin will look dull and dry
  5. Regular exfoliating will leave your skin with a healthy glow.
  6. It allows your moisturiser to absorb better
  7. It helps to prevent ingrown hairs, smooths razor bumps and makes hair removal easier

How often should you exfoliate? Beauty experts recommend three times a week but if I am honest. I usually only exfoliate once a week to help remove my self tan, before gently applying more.

These gorgeous, gently-scented, moisturising scrubs are sold exclusively online. As most of you know, I like to support local entrepreneurs whenever I can, and this product is locally produced in South Africa! YES!!!!!!

To order your Kahve scrub head on down to  https://kahveskin.com/collections/all or show them some love on Instagram @kahve.skin


P.S. this post was not paid for by Kahve, but I was sent product to trial.

My make up was done by Make Up Artist Megan Marx, follow her on instagram https://www.instagram.com/marx_meganmakeup/?hl=en  



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    Awesome! I need to try this!

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