Try a PS Krusher with your bestie

From convincing me to give a guy who was a solid 2/10 a chance because she felt sorry for him….  to taking me for make up lessons because I have a heavy hand with the eyeshadow and needed to learn different styles of doing make up….. to hosting unicorn and rainbow birthday parties for each other. My bestie and I have done it all together.

She’s the person who understands that even though you don’t actually want to go out, you still want to be invited, LOL! She’s the person who understands when you cancel on her last minute because you just don’t feel like putting on a bra on and facing the world, she’s the kind of friend who invites you over for dinner and then gives you coco pops (we love coco pops) and she’s the kind of friend who makes sure you never spend Christmas alone.

Friendship isn’t a big thing, it is a million little things. This saying is so true, a million memories, a million secrets and two million screen shots! Cadbury P.S. and KFC got me thinking about friendship when they sent me an awesome little desk drop this week launching the new P.S. Krusher.

The P.S. Krusher is a limited time offer delicious treat which is made up of an indulgent swirl of smooth, delicious ice-cream, icy-slush and the unmistakable taste of Cadbury Caramilk P.S. blended together to create the perfect sippable treat. Mmmmmm, it’s lip smackingly good!

This December, treat your bestie to the new delicious Cadbury P.S. Krusher from a KFC restaurant for only R23.90

Post your bestie moment, tag @Tamryn_Sher and #PSKrusher and you could be one of four winners to win a Sorbet voucher worth R500. That’s enough for you and your bestie to each get a matching mani!

Winners will be announced at 18h00 on the following dates:

9 December – Winner: Alessia Pinna and Robert Laverge!

12 December – Winner: Taryn Botha!

15 December

17 December

You may enter multiple times!


For more information please visit


P.S. this is a collab between KFC and it’s a Sher thing


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