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Every time I walk past a LUSH store I can’t help but go inside. They always have cute little innovative accessories, with the most hilarious names and I feel like I need to get involved. Two weeks ago, I was sent a gorgeous little LUSH pack to review, and you are going to be so jelly once you hear what was inside.

It had a jelly bath bomb in it, a hair oil, and a jelly face mask. Christmas had come early for me! Well I’m Jewish but you know what I’m saying, I was excited! Not-only did my bedroom now smell like a LUSH store, but I got to try all these jelly inspired products out too, yippee! It’s always a treat working with brands that you love and shop at regularly as now you get to be the first to know about their new product releases.

The first product that caught my eye was this red ice lolly looking thing. It smelled like a cinnamon ball sweet, like those fireballs I used to eat as a child… moving swiftly along…. but I wasn’t quite sure what this product was. That was when I read the stick attached to the red lolly. By read, I mean I looked at the pics and figured out how to use it. That’s when I saw that this was a hot oil treatment (which retails for R125). I love the smell of this hair oil, that alone had me excited to use it but by this point I was also so intrigued to see how it works. So even though it wasn’t my hair wash day, I washed my hair, so I could try out this new product. As I said, I felt like a kid on Christmas.  This hair oil treatment has ingredients in it like jojoba and olive oil to hydrate the hair, add shine and improve strength and rosemary and nettle ingredients help soothe the scalp. The bay, cinnamon leaf, and clove bud essential oils warm and stimulate the scalp to increase blood flow and improve hair growth. I won’t be saying no to any of the above.

How it works…. you fill a mug with boiling water, stir in your hot oil treatment until it is melted (watching it turn into a jelly paste), leave it to cool for 15-20 mins. I still wanted mine to be quite warm as we were in a cold front when I reviewed this product. Then I applied the treatment to my DRY HAIR. Then I sat down and enjoyed an episode of GOT before washing the treatment out. The recommended leave on time is 20 mins. I noticed that when I added water to the jelly mask, a peppermint fragrance was released which I know assists with hair loss. The mug makes quite a bit of the treatment, there was enough for 2-3 washes and I have quite long hair. You can keep this left-over product for up to four weeks after mixing. I found that my hair looked soft and shiny after using the mask, but I did have to wash it out quite thoroughly.

I loved that this treatment was a warm jelly mask that you get to put on your hair, it’s unlike anything I’ve tried on the market before and it was a fun, different way to do hair treatments. This is an idea that I think would be fun for a girl’s night in. I found applying the treatment to dry hair to be quite time saving as I only had to get in the shower once to wash it out. Very innovative and useful for busy women, well done LUSH!

The jelly bombs are an online exclusive. I reviewed the green coconut bomb which retails for R85 online. This bath bomb was so much fun! As it fizzes it releases a coconut jelly which is so soothing and softening on the skin, it also smelt a bit like cinnamon, so it was a delicious scent that left me feeling and smelling like I had just had a little summer vacay. At one stage I thought I was on holiday already, enjoying a Pina colada while staring at the warm Indian ocean. This is the bath bomb I would recommend when prepping for your next getaway.

The face mask that I was sent was called the birth of Venus, shout out to LUSH for their unique product names. This product retails for R145. The face mask was great fun to use, I love the soft jelly texture, it feels like a therapy session just applying this mask to your skin and the smell is unreal. It smells fresh and relaxing. This mask has ingredients like lavender oil to calm the skin, rose to soothe and balance the skin, carrageenan seaweed gel to soften the skin…. Mmmmm! I love me some carrageenan!

While my hot oil mask was in my hair, I pinched off a piece of the mask, mushed it into a soft blue paste and applied it to my face. Then I went to watch GOT and then jumped in the shower to wash it all off, although the recommended leave on time is 5-10 mins. Overall, I was impressed with the innovative jelly range and would recommend these lush goodies as stocking fillers and delicious gifts for a loved one this festive season.

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P.S. this post was not paid for by LUSH, but I was sent some yummy-smelly, jelly goodies to review and I chose to write about them






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