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I started this blog because I love beauty, lifestyle and personal care and because I wanted to give women like me tips and tricks to make their life a little bit easier. We are all busy women who are trying to do it all, careers, gym, cooking, family, friends, needless to say there’s a lot going on. I place a lot of emphasis on my hair and recently noticed that my hair has been taking strain and I’m starting to see some split ends. So, I tried out a new product, in the hopes that it would help me with that problem until my next salon visit, and this is what I thought.

I’m always trying new hair styles and a few years ago I experimented with colours too. Ihave coloured my hair blonde, black and red, before finally settling on the brunette that I am now. I take great pride in my hair and the way it looks as it represents how I take care of myself and it makes me feel pretty. It has become my trademark. A good or bad hair day can set the tone for your entire day and for a woman like me who is trying to use her 24 hours a day as productively as Queen B does, I don’t have time for basic hair. I love having good hair days, every day! I try my best to achieve that look without spending hours fussing over it. Lately my hair has been looking a little worse for wear, I don’t think the change in season, aircon at the office or the fact that I use heat on my hair helps much either *Hides Face* With my busy schedule I battle to find time to get to the hairdresser every six weeks for a hair trim and can see my split ends making a break through.

I always knew that colouring your hair damaged it, but I didn’t realise that colouring your hair weakened it and means it doesn’t bode well with heat after that. I’ve been trying some high-end hair care treatments to help with damaged hair like how mine is right now. I have recently tried the ghd advanced split end therapy. You apply it to towel tried hair, brush it through, then blowdry it and straighten it. This  product uses heat to strengthen, restore and protect split ends and nourish the hair, leaving you with smooth, sleek, shiny and soft hair for a great every day look.

I noticed that my split ends were less noticeable and my hair looked happier and healthier and still had a great shine to it. I’m really happy with how this product worked for my hair! It didn’t feel sticky, weighed down or oily at all, it gave my hair the treatment it needed. This therapy is scientifically formulated for all hair types and retails for R320,00 available at most high-end salons. I have only been using it for a few weeks but I have seen a change in the way my hair looks and feels and I will continue to use it.


*This review was not paid for by ghd


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