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Q&A Session with Saskia Band from The Florist Johannesburg

I started following The Florist Johannesburg on Instagram about a year ago. I was so in love with their beautiful bouquets, they were unlike anything I had ever seen before. These bouquets combined different colours, textures, flowers and they came in different sizes of hat boxes and in different colours too. This is definitely an Instagram account that I knew I should be following.


I ordered a couple of flowers from them for work events and for friends’ special days but it wasn’t until my own bouquet arrived for my birthday that I fell deeply in love with this brand. I received a classic white bouquet, adorned with white roses and a white king protea too. I’ve attached a picture of my bouquet below ? After I received this bouquet I contacted the owner Saskia Band and asked if I could do a blog post on her and her business. I am passionate about local entrepreneurs and I wanted to know more about her story, her business and of-course, her bouquets!

Tam: When did you star your business?

The Florist JHB: We opened our online doors on the 21 October 2016. So, our one year anniversary of being in business is coming up soon!


Tam: How would you describe what you do?

The Florist JHB: With our brand we think in the box ;). I like to think that we can do everything your typical florist can’t do! We don’t only offer flowers, but also a fantastic, personal service to cater to each and every person.

Tam: How would you describe your style?

The Florist JHB: We display our bouquets in hatboxes for a unique, classic, fresh, fashionable and memorable touch. These hat boxes come in a variety of sizes and colours to cater for your every need.

Tam: Where do you take inspiration from for your floral designs?

The Florist JHB: I love sourcing! I first came across flowers in hatboxes when sourcing pictures from Russia. Ever since then, I have been in love! I always saw myself as a florist, but I also love staying on trend, so my two passions interlinked when I started The Florist. This is my passion and I love what I do.



Tam: Do you have any advice for someone who is looking for an arrangement to suit a loved one’s personality?

The Florist JHB: I always ask what they had in mind first. in terms of a colour scheme, a specific flower or even price point and we go from there. I try feed off of those ideas when creating a new and unique bunch for a loved one.


Tam: Do you like it when clients come to you with ideas from Pinterest or do you find it to be unrealistic?

The Florist JHB: Not at all! Clients who come with pictures typically know exactly what they want – which is never a bad thing!

Below: Saskia (on the right) and her mom / business partner (on the left).

Tam: Have you noticed any floral themes among your clients lately?

The Florist JHB: A major trend lately is different textures of greenery.

Tam: Do you have any advice for entrepreneurs looking to start their own business?

The Florist JHB: Yes I do! Start now! Even if you start up in your kitchen space – it’s never too early! Also, don’t wait for anyone or anything – The world is moving on with or without you!


Tam: Have you made any giant mistakes that you have learnt from, that you would like to share?

The Florist JHB: Luckily I have learnt from all my mistakes so far! Even though they have been difficult, I can definitely look back on them as a lesson (and at times laugh!)



Tam: What has been your biggest success / event that you have learnt from?

The Florist JHB: My main lesson has been to stay humble and to thank each and every client as though they are my first.

Tam: What sizes and prices do your arrangements come in?

The Florist JHB: We have one size square box, and three different sized round boxes. They begin at around R290; however, we can stick within your price range for sure! With that being said we can customise our boxes to suit your taste.

Tam: How can people contact you?

The Florist JHB: You can contact me on my cell 0721254221 , our Instagram page @theflorist_jhb or even our facebook page @thefloristjhb





  1. Sheryl

    Can you pay with a PayPal credit card

  2. Jackie Burgess

    Well done to the florist for magnificent arrangements

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