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It’s a Sher thing loves a good party and the countdown to Halloween has begun, you can expect to see some spooky pumpkins and spiderwebs outside neighbour’s houses. It’s that time of the year where we dress up in frightening Frankenstein and zombie inspired costumes and treat ourselves to some sugary delights. In the spirt of Halloween, Krispy Kreme has launched four limited edition spooky doughnuts as well as a limited-edition chiller all named by Krispy Kreme South Africa’s social media followers. They are


Pumpkin Skreme:

An unglazed shell, filled with Pumpkin Spice Kreme dipped in orange icing.

This doughnut was delicious, I found the donut to be sweet and fulling, so I only needed one to satisfy my craving. I wasn’t familiar with the pumpkin spice filling, so I couldn’t quite place the flavour, but I enjoyed it and would have another one.


Franken Skreme:

An unglazed shell dipped in green icing, filled with vanilla Kreme and finished with KitKat bolts

This doughnut was my favourite from the series, perhaps because I love the KitKat bolts, LOL! I also enjoyed the vanilla kreme. It was the right amount of sweetness for me.


Zom-B-Eye: a glazed ring, dipped in marshmallow icing and finished with a marshmallow eye.

This doughnut was the first to catch my eye. I love the pink donut with the marshmallow eye. This was my second favourite, I loved the marshmallow icing! It was super-sweet, but I couldn’t stop myself from having another bite! YUM!


Sir Fangs- A-Lot: a glazed ring, dipped in raspberry glimmer icing and finished off with candied fangs.

This gorgeous donut tasted like raspberries. It was beautiful to look at and scrumptious to taste. I loved sinking my fangs into this little treat!


Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake Chiller: An indulgent Kremey Chiller infused with Pumpkin Spice with a Cheesecake flavoured black smear and topped with cream and black glitter

I loved everything about this, from the way it looked, to the way it tasted. Three people stopped me on the way to my car to ask me what I was drinking and where I got it from. As with the doughnut, I could not quite place the pumpkin spice flavour as it was the first time I was tasting it, but I really loved it. I loved the chocolate black swirls, the cream and the black glitter. It was like a little work of art.


Happy Halloween lovelies, if you feel like a little spooky treat this weekend be sure to pop in to your nearest Krispy Kreme! Each doughnut is uniquely flavoured and decorated in true

Halloween spirit and you can get your hands on these spooky creations until 30 October #Hallowkreme


P.S. This post was not paid for by Krispy Kreme, but I did get some delicious doughnuts to review







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