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As those of you who follow me on social media would have seen, and for those of you who don’t my details are:


October is my birthday month, I turned 28 this year. Hip Hip Hooray! I feel like a real adult now and like I should perhaps start getting my life in order. Laugh out loud! One of my sister’s birthday’s is actually two weeks before mine.


Her upcoming 25th birthday made the wheels in my PR driven, event-enthusiast, every day is a reason to celebrate brain…. I kept thinking, what can I get for her that is different? Not the same thing I always do? And it wasn’t until I was surprised for my birthday that the idea hit me, sorry Lau!


Instead of the traditional flower bouquet (which is also lovely by the way), what about a balloon bouquet? TheBalloonStop  has a wide variety of balloons and bouquets to choose from and their creativity has no end. We’ve all seen the foil balloons at birthdays and celebrations and those are always gorgeous but the balloon bouquet that I received at the office was a show stopper!!

Let me tell you 5 reasons why I loved this Birthday Gift idea so much;

  • No one can pretend they didn’t know it was your birthday and it gives everyone a reason to come and talk to you.
  • The balloons surrounding your desk ensure you get the attention you so rightfully deserve on your special day.
  • They are so beautiful to look at!
  • They are so fun to play with.
  • They last for days after your birthday has come and gone.


The balloon bouquet I received was a 10 piece bouquet of rose gold balloons, a black printed balloon that read ‘happy birthday’, some white balloons filled with silver glitter and colourful confetti and some gold spiral balloons, all held together by gold ribbon and weighed down with a water filled gold balloon. It was a work of art.


I loved everything about receiving this gift. From everyone at the office making a fuss and taking photo’s, to filling the lift with all my balloons, to having people hoot at me and wave in traffic while I drove with a car full of balloons, to taking pics and boomerangs because I’m all about that Instagram life.


The Balloon Stop is based in Parkmore and the good news is that they deliver!


So, if you’re thinking of a gift for a loved one that’s a little bit different, I would highly recommend you get your creative juices flowing and design a balloon bouquet (or just let a professional design one for you) and have it delivered to their home / offices / venue on their special day. This is a gift you will not regret giving. I hope this helps if you have a fellow Libran in your life!


I did call the owner Elizma to ask for permission to publish this post and I learnt a few cool things about The Balloon Stop. The Balloon Stop is a locally owned business (yay! I’m all for supporting local entrepreneurs). Elizma has owned the business for 6 months now, having taken over from the previous owner who had the store for 7 years, she hopes to open up more branches and create more jobs countrywide.


One thing that does make this beautiful local business so lekker and the reason my balloons lasted so long, is because normal helium balloons last 10-12 hours, but the Balloon Stop uses a highly specialised product called ‘high-float gel’ which they insert into the balloons before they inflate them. This makes the balloons last days instead of hours, so you can get more joy out of your balloons. So, if you do want your balloons to last longer then please do request the ‘high-float gel’ when placing your order.

P.S. This post wasn’t paid for by the Balloon Stop, I just think it’s a cool idea and needed to share!




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