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For those of you who don’t know me yet, I am a total caffeine addict! Well I do work in PR so I suppose it comes with the territory. Media list, lipstick, coffee, let’s do this! I thrive on caffeine, chocolate and a well put together strategy.

I was introduced to Hug in a Mug by a girlfriend of mine, while popping in for a coffee date. We had the hazelnut flavor and I was absolutely addicted! The sweetness, the warmth, the comforting hazelnut scent, I now see why they call it ‘Hug in a Mug’. I recently found out that Hug in a mug has launched new flavored coffee drinks and I was really excited to try them out. Specifically, the Toasted Marshmallow flavor.

Think about how delicious that would taste, a coffee with delicious, sticky, toasted marshmallows on top, YUM! I’ve been a huge fan of toasting marshmallows since I was a little girl and my parents would take my sisters and I camping in Cape Vidal to watch the turtles lay their eggs on the beach. We would always braai chops and mielies while sipping on Coca-Cola and if we behaved we would be able to toast marshmallows afterwards. This delicious drink definitely reminds me of those fond family memories on the beach.

The toasted marshmallow hug in a mug appealed to me, so I thought I would try it out and treat myself to a delicious chocolatey, toasty, treat when the craving strikes. There’s nothing better than being at home, curled up in bed, watching an episode of ‘The Sinner’ and sipping on a delicious toasted marshmallow hug in a mug while there’s a summer thunderstorm outside.

I travel quite often for work and I like that I can easily take 1 of the 10 sachets with me when I travel. They easily fit into your handbag and are pretty travel friendly. A box of 10 scrumptious sachets retails for R49,99 (prices may vary per store). They’re also super quick and easy to use! So, for someone like me who is always on the move, this product fits right into my fast-paced lifestyle. You easily tear open the sachet, pour it into a mug, add some boiled water and enjoy your chocolatey, toasty treat! My kitchen now smells like a candy shop, but that’s all part of the charm.

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P.S. this post was not paid for by Hug in a Mug


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